Rowman and Littlefield International

Institutionalisation of Political Parties

Comparative Cases

Edited by Robert Harmel, Lars G. Svåsand

Publication date:

30 January 2019

Length of book:

318 pages


ECPR Press

ISBN-13: 9781785523021

This edited collection builds directly upon the recently published book by Harmel, Svåsand, and Mjelde (Institutionalisation (and De-Institutionalisation) of Right-Wing Protest Parties: The Progress Parties in Denmark and Norway) and applies their conceptual framework to a wide range of additional cases. Employing a common conceptual framework throughout, the chapters cover a broad range of cases and make important contributions toward building theories on why some parties succeed in institutionalising while others fail. The book is primarily about the status some parties achieve as an ‘institution’, the means by which parties may acquire that status, and some of the obstacles that stand in their way.

This remarkable and insightful book includes a most impressive and important collection of case studies written by a truly international team of scholars. It provides a theoretically grounded authoritative assessment of party institutionalization under comparative perspective. The rich set of empirical findings will be a central point of reference in party politics. A brilliant incentive to do further research in the field.