Rowman and Littlefield International

Media and Participation in Post-Migrant Societies

Edited by Tanja Thomas, MerleMarie Kruse, Miriam Stehling

Publication date:

15 April 2019

Length of book:

300 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781786607256

In contemporary media cultures, media are part of the most important sites where collective
representations and narrations of a post‐migrant civic culture are (re‐)negotiated. At the
same time, they offer powerful resources and instruments for civic participation and collaboration.
Media and Participation in PostMigrant Societies addresses an important shortcoming in
the research on participation in media cultures by introducing a special focus on post-migrant
conditions to the discussion – both as conceptual refinements and as empirical studies.
The contributions of this book provide diverse analyses of the conditions, possibilities,
but also constraints for participation and the role of media communication in the reshaping
of civic culture in post‐migrant societies.
This edited volume is a welcomed contribution to the multidisciplinary crossing of media and migration studies as it explores two recently introduced terms – conviviality and post-migrant societies – from media studies perspectives. This book offers an exciting starting point to examine different local, national and diasporic contexts through the notion of post-migration, a discussion that has started in Germany.