Rowman and Littlefield International

A New Narrative for a New Europe

Edited by Daniel Innerarity, Jonathan White, Cristina Astier, Ander Errasti

Publication date:

31 October 2018

Length of book:

278 pages


Rowman & Littlefield International

ISBN-13: 9781786608413

According to the European Commission, Europe is facing a transversal crisis that obliges the rethinking and redefinition of its narrative. As a result of the economic crisis that has affected Europe during the past years, Europe has in turn faced a structural crisis that forces the reconsideration of its own existence. The foundation of the European project, the promises of Democracy and Human Dignity, need to be assessed. The internal crisis and global challenges require a paradigm shift to establish a new foundation upon which to keep those promises alive. This crisis is multidimensional: environmental, cultural, political, social, economic, etc. and the European Union should tackle it as such.

The book aims at contributing to that debate by offering a new conceptual approach to the core ideas of European integration process (sovereignty, diversity, common challenges, etc). By doing so, the edited volume settles the ground for some institutional and legal transformations that may reflect this new narrative for a new Europe.
This book provides a well-curated set of essays that are simultaneously honest in tackling hard choices and issues, academically rigorous, and yet fundamentally Europeanist. The authors take head-on difficult dilemmas and challenges posed by the European project, such as the conceptualization of supra-national democracy, the narratives against a European constitution, the inexistence of a European demos, the inevitability of further integration, or the recent para-constitutional developments. This book is thus an indispensable stepping stone to revitalize the European project.