Rowman and Littlefield International

Understanding Islam and the West

Critical Skills for Students

By (author) Nathan Lean

Publication date:

02 April 2018

Length of book:

232 pages


Rowman & Littlefield International

ISBN-13: 9781786602091

As the world’s second-largest faith and by some accounts the most fast-growing, Islam is often at the forefront of intense public conversation in debates about politics, international relations, globalization, modern society and culture.

From the rise of ISIS and revolutions in North Africa and Middle East to more tempered discussions about what it means to be a Muslim in the West and foreign policy making, this student focused textbook, unpacks how we talk about and represent Islam, its place in and relationship to “the West”.

Supported by an accessible introduction, real-world case studies, a glossary of terms and discussion points at the end of each chapter, Nathan Lean offers students a comprehensive and alternative framework to Islam and the West in the 21
st Century
Nathan Lean’s Understanding Islam and the West is a smart, timely, and accessible volume that takes on issues of ultimate urgency in our public discourse. Lean navigates issues of corporate media, Islamophobia, “clash of civilization” discourse, and cartoonish representations of Islamism and Shari’a. A democracy cannot thrive unless its citizens are well-educated. Lean’s book is a key contribution, and is highly recommended for students, scholars, members of the media, and policy makers.