Rowman and Littlefield International

Between Nature and Culture: The Aesthetics of Modified Environments

By (author) Emily Brady, Isis Brook, Jonathan Prior

Publication date:

29 October 2018

Length of book:

144 pages


Rowman & Littlefield International

ISBN-13: 9781786610751

Within philosophy, a new interest in aesthetics beyond the arts has encouraged the rapid growth of environmental aesthetics. Within this literature, however, less attention has been given to the spaces and places that emerge from various nature-culture interactions. This has meant the relative neglect of types of environments to which the majority of people have access, and interact with, in a sustained manner. In this respect, these are the environments in which many of us understand and value nature. Through a greater understanding of how humans interact with these environments and the types of relationships that emerge through this interaction, we address seek to address this gap.
Between Nature and Culture provides a systematic, philosophical account of the main issues and problems that pertain to the aesthetics of modified environments, as well as new insights concerning the generation and appreciation of landscapes and environments that fall between (non-human) nature and (human) culture, including gardens, agricultural and ecologically restored landscapes, and land and ecological art works.
A welcome collaborative effort that examines both mainstream and quirky instances of modified natural environments, proposes proper modes of aesthetic appreciation for such sites, and urges an ethical stewardship that foregrounds caring for the natural world we inhabit.