Rowman and Littlefield International

Posthuman Ecologies

Complexity and Process after Deleuze

Edited by Rosi Braidotti, Simone Bignall

Publication date:

17 December 2018

Length of book:

304 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781786608222

The devolved and dispersed character of human agency and moral responsibility in the contemporary condition appears linked with the deepening global trauma of ‘inhumanism’ as a paradox of the Anthropocene. Reclaiming human agency and accountability appears crucial for collective resistance to the unprecedented state of environmental and social collapse resulting from the inhumanity of contemporary capitalist geopolitics and biotechnologies of control. Understanding the potential for such resistance in the posthuman condition requires urgent new thinking about the nature of human influence in complex interactional systems, and about the nature of such systems when conceived in non-anthropocentric way. Through specific readings and uses of Deleuze’s conceptual apparatus, this volume examines the operation of human-actioned systems as complex and heterogeneous arenas of affection and accountability. This exciting collection extends non-humanist concepts for understanding reality, agency and interaction in dynamic ecologies of reciprocal determination and influence. The outcome is a vital new theorisation of human scope, responsibility and potential in the posthuman condition.
This volume offers an alternative take on critiques of both humanism as inhuman and the posthuman. It presents a differential, diffractive selection of calls to creating new territories and networks at local, global and transversal levels, always attentive to the extensive and increasingly ambiguous emergences of what we currently consider ‘life’.